Lakeview Laundromat
 Where Suds and Duds Get Together!
  Madeline Island, The World.

WE HAVE Replaced our machines with  new washers and NEW Dryers!

Don't forget our Annual Holiday Sale where all washers are heavily discounted between Dec 25th and Jan 1.

Located in Downtown Madeline Island in the Big Blue Building next to the Sugar Shack in the beautiful town of LaPointe WI on Lake Superior.

  • We have updated our Green position on our precious earth. Some equipment is operated by motion detectors where it goes to a lower energy state/standby when no one is around for 30 minutes and then "wakes up" when people arrive again. This does NOT affect anything that is running. Don't worry, you can still leave for coffee, walk, shop, have a visit at Tommy's,  or whatever and your wash will continue without  stopping if it does not "sense" you nearby. It works really well and saves our resources.
  • All machines that are new are low energy, low water consuming, very quiet machines.

  • Open 7 AM to 10 PM, 7 Days a Week.

  • Neat, clean, and well maintained equipment.
  • Laundromat is cleaned twice a day during the busy season. The floor is clean so if you drop something, it will not get dirty again. Great when folding sheets!

  • Change Machine for $1, $5, and $10 bills paid out in $0.25 coins.
  • All machines accept only US quarters-- $0.25.
  • Tide powder, Bounce dryer sheets, Cheer, and Chlorox2 for sale at $0.75 per box.

  • Total of 5 new washers: 3 Double load washers at $2.75 and 2 Quadruple load at $4.75.
  • 6 Large capacity Dryers- 2 are ADA accessible. $1.75 for drying a normal load or $0.25 for 5 minutes.

  • Nice reading and schmoozing area with magazines that are almost current!
  • Catch up on the latest Island Buzz.
  • Free Wi-fi (subject to availability).  

    -Welcome Island Residents, Summer Folk, Vacationers, Tourists, Sightseer's, Cruisers, Campers, Bikers, Honeymooners, Laundromat Tourists and Everyone! 

    -We are just a couple of long blocks from the Madeline Island Yacht Club Marina.

    -In the blue building at the opposite end of the boardwalk from Bremer Bank next to the Sugar Shack, Coffee Shop, Art Gallery, Chamber of Commerce, Moped Rental, etc. Parking right outside our door.

    -Need a place to Stay? Try the Ferry Landing Suites, right in town.

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      Enjoy the Pies, Cookies, and Wedding Cakes from Madeline Island Bakery. They have the best around! Visit Marie and gang at Mission Hill Coffee next door while you are doing your wash. See the art gallery or rent a moped!

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